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Located 5 minutes away from Biarritz, Bidart is a highly popular village on the Basque Coast. The untouched town is situated on a 5-km long cliff overlooking the ocean. Well-known in summer for Parlementia, its world-famous surfing spot, and the beginning of the coastal path (Sentier du Littoral), this traditional Basque village remains a very enjoyable place all year long. With a dynamic town center, the village of Bidart has managed to expand while maintaining its authenticity.

Bidarta town holding many treasures

Bidart’s town center features many riches. Basque villas in close proximity with the coastal path offering incredible views over the ocean and the Pyrenees mountains.

Bidart is also made up of more residential areas like the Contresta's source neighborhood or the Uhabia's. They offer a quieter and clearer environment compared to the coastal homes. Whether you are looking for a main residence or a secondary residence, you will assuredly find your dream home in Bidart. Get a sneak peek going through the little gems from our portfolio of houses and apartments for sale : our real estate experts have uncovered the best for you !

Prices per m²in Bidart

The property market in Bidart is particularly complex. From one house to another the prices per m2 can vary a lot. Why ? The major transportation routes ! Located along the Basque coastline, the town is separated by roads and railroad tracks that can significantly drop the price of the property for sale according to where it's situated. To find the fair value of your home, we strongly recommend to seek professional advice from local property experts, like our real estate superheroes for example :-)

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